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Original Art inspired by the vibrant African spirit

About Us

Welcome to African Art Inspirations!

African Art Inspirations is an on-line gallery of traditional and contemporary African arts by African artists. The gallery carries original and authentic African paintings, African arts and African crafts.

All our artworks are sourced from independent artists mainly from West Africa. By directly sourcing from the artists we cut out the middle man which ensures they get a fair price for their work, a price they often set themselves. This enables them to provide for their families.

All the African paintings and other African arts displayed on our website are hand-made. Therefore there may be to some degree a variance in the dimensions, colour and style of the items. These natural imperfections contribute to the originality and beauty of these amazing artworks, which will undoubtedly bring a touch of colour and culture to your home or office.

Look no further for a unique and inspirational house warming gift.

About Us

African Art Inspirations is a small business with a big passion. We search for highly talented local African artists and expose their work to the global market. In doing so the artists gain the exposure they deserve and you the customer get to enjoy African art at its finest.

African Art Inspirations carefully select African paintings, arts and crafts and make them available to a wider audience at a fair price. All the paintings are unique and original pieces of work depicting traditional and modern life and culture in Africa.

By purchasing the wonderful artworks from our website, not only will you enjoy the beauty of these amazing pieces of work and the story they tell, but also you will help make a difference in the lives of the artists.

We hope that in a few years time, would have contributed to the creation of a new and truly global markets place for traditional and contemporary African art.